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Austin Free Press exists to empower Austinites with independent, investigative news about the Austin area.

About us

Austin Free Press is an independent newsroom for the Austin area

Our mission is to equip Austinites to make informed decisions through independent, investigative reporting, diverse opinions, and civil dialogue. We’re driven by the belief that a strong local press is essential for a healthy community and democracy.

How We're Different

Investigate Problems – Seek Solutions – Build Community

Austin Free Press will produce accountability journalism that informs Austinites. Our work will be freely available. We will amplify historically marginalized voices and tell stories that have been ignored.

Austin Free Press will focus on critical issues, providing context and depth to empower you. We will explore possible solutions to local problems. We will work with other local news outlets and community partners. We will be community-driven, meet Austinites where you are, delivering digital information in an innovative and engaging manner.




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As we grow, we expect to cover a variety of topics, informed by you:
  • Local Government & Politics
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